Extracellular adenosine used by selfish immune system to mediate systemic metabolic switch

9. 6. 2015 TOP Stories 58x

Adam Bajgar, Tomas Dolezal and colleagues showed that extracellular adenosine is used by immune system as a selfish signal to mediate a systemic metabolic switch.

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CIFAR EXCHANGE: Human parasite adapts in surprising ways

5. 2. 2013 TOP Stories 53x

Prof. Julius Lukes´s and Andrew Roger´s article in CIFAR EXCHANGE find here

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Seminar March 27th 2018 - Milan Malinský

21. 3. 2018 News and events 3x

Seminar of Milan Malínksý (University of Basel, Switzerland) on topic:


"Cichlid evolutionary genomics"

On Tuesday, March 27th 2018 at 1 pm - Institute of Parasitology II, ( PaU Animal Facility), new lecture room, 2nd floor

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Open PhD. position in Molecular Parasitology

15. 11. 2017 Project offers 20x

Open PhD position in Molecular Parasitology

For more information click here.


Open PhD position

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New publication in Scientific Reports from the Bruce lab

21. 10. 2015 News and events 66x

Mihajlovic and colleagues publish research establishing a functional link between the first two-cell fate decisions in mammalian embryogenesis  using the mouse model.

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