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Seminar April 24th 2018 - James A. Huntington

17. 4. 2018 News and events 4x

Seminar of James A. Huntington (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom) on topic:


"Modifying serpin specificity to therapeutic effect: The creation of SerpinPC, a pan-haemophilia agent"


On Tuesday, April 24th 2018 at 1 pm - Institute of Parasitology II, ( PaU Animal Facility), new lecture room, 2nd floor

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New publication in Scientific Reports from the Bruce lab

21. 10. 2015 News and events 69x

Mihajlovic and colleagues publish research establishing a functional link between the first two-cell fate decisions in mammalian embryogenesis  using the mouse model.

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CIFAR EXCHANGE: Human parasite adapts in surprising ways

5. 2. 2013 News and events 69x

Prof. Julius Lukes´s and Andrew Roger´s  article in CIFAR EXCHANGE find here

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Notification for Group Leaders and Summer Confocal Workshop Participants

24. 10. 2012 News and events 48x

DVD's of the course seminars are now available for people to watch.

(DVDs of the practical sessions are still being edited)

DVD's of the course seminars have been entrusted with Hana Sehadova (who graciously takes care of our confocal microscopy facility in ENTU) and she will be happy to agree to a limited loan to any person who would like to view them. Therefore if you would like to take advantage of this, please email Hana to arrange a loan (


Alex Bruce and the organising committee

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Seminar 16.8. - High Resolution Microscopy Techniques - Alex Sossick

13. 8. 2012 News and events 136x

On Thursday 16th August at 9.30am you are invited to attend a seminar to be given by Dr. Alex Sossick (Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge, U.K.). As the finale to the 'Confocal Microscopy and Image Analysis Workshop' that has been running since last week, Alex will be giving a seminar on High Resolution Microscopy Techniques currently in use in Cambridge. Please join us in lecture theatre B2 in the Faculty of Sciences building at 9.30am on Thursday 16th of August.

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Postdoc position available in Alena Krejci lab

11. 6. 2012 News and events 165x

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MOLECULARIZATION project: Faculty of Science bought Geneious Pro by Biomatters - bioinformatics software platform

1. 2. 2012 News and events 96x

All scientists and students at Faculty of Science SBU and Biological centre ASCR will be soon able to use Geneious Pro!!!

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