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  • Krejci A*, Bernard F*, Housden BE*, Collins S, Bray SJ.: Direct response to Notch activation: signaling crosstalk and incoherent logic. Science Signal.,2(55), 2009.

  • Housden BE, Fu AQ, Krejci A, Bernard F, Fischer B, Tavare S, Russell S, Bray SJ: Transcriptional Dynamics Elicited by a Short Pulse of Notch Activation Involves Feed-Forward Regulation by E(spl)/Hes Genes. Plos Genetics, 9(1):e1003162, 2013.

  • Terriente-Felix A, Li J, Collins S, Mulligan A, Reekie I, Bernard F, Krejci A, Bray SJ: Notch co-operates with Lozenge/Runx to lock hemocytes into a differentiation programme. Development, 140(4):926-37, 2013.

  • Perez-Gomez R, Slováková J, Rives-Quinto N, Krejci A, Carmena A.: A Serrate-Notch-Canoe complex mediates essential interactions between glia and neuroepithelial cells during Drosophila optic lobe development. J Cell Sci. 126:4873-84, 2013.
  • Slaninova V, Krafcikova M, Perez-Gomez R, Steffal P, Trantirek L, Bray SJ and Krejci A, Open Biol. Feb;6(2), 2016.

  • Slaninova V, Krafcikova M, Perez-Gomez R, Steffal P, Trantirek L, Bray SJ and Krejci A, Open Biol. Feb;6(2), 2016.

  • Krejci A: Metabolic sensors and their interplay with cell signalling and transcription. Biochem Soc Trans., 40(2):311-23, 2012.

  • Bending D, Newland S, Krejcí A, Phillips JM, Bray S, Cooke A.: Epigenetic changes at Il12rb2 and Tbx21 in relation to plasticity behavior of Th17 cells. J Immunol. 186(6):3373-82, 2011.

  • Endo K, Karim MR, Taniguchi H, Krejci A, Kinameri E, Siebert M, Ito K., BraySJ, Moore AW: Chromatin modification of Notch targets in olfactory receptor neuron diversification. Nature Neuroscience, 2011.

  • Bernard F, Krejci A, Housden B, Adryan B, Bray SJ: Specificity of Notch pathway activation: twist controls the transcriptional output in adult muscle progenitors. Development, 137(16):2633-42, 2010.

  • Narasimha M, Uv A, Krejci A, Brown NH, Bray SJ.: Grainy head promotes expression of septate junction proteins and influences epithelial morphogenesis. J Cell Sci. 2008.

  • Krejci A and Bray S: Notch activation stimulates transient and selective binding of Su(H)/CSL to target enhancers.  Genes Dev. 21(11):1322-7, 2007.

  • Goodfellow H*, Krejcí A*, Moshkin Y*, Verrijzer CP, Karch F, Bray SJ.: Gene-specific targeting of the histone chaperone asf1 to mediate silencing. Dev Cell.13(4):593-600, 2007.

  • Bruce AW, Krejci A, Ooi L, Deuchars J, Wood IC, Dolezal V, Buckley NJ. :The transcriptional repressor REST is a critical regulator of the neurosecretory phenotype. J Neurochem. 98(6):1828-40, 2006.

  • Jakubik J, Krejci A, Dolezal V: Asparagine, valine, and threonine in the third extracellular loop of muscarinic receptor have essential roles in the positive cooperativity of strychnine-like allosteric modulators. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 313(2):688

  • Nagel AC, Krejci A, Tenin G, Bravo-Patino A, Bray S, Maier D, Preiss A. : Hairless-mediated repression of notch target genes requires the combined activity of Groucho and CtBP corepressors. Mol Cell  Biol. 25(23):10433-41, 2005.

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  • Krejci A, Bruce AW, Tucek S, Dolezal V, Buckley NJ: Multiple promoters drive tissue specific expression of the human M2 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor gene. J Neurochem. 91(1):88-98, 2004.

  • Krejci A, Tucek S: Quantitation of mRNAs for M1 to M5 subtypes of muscarinic receptors in rat heart and brain cortex. Mol Pharmacol.  61(6):1267-72, 2002.

  • Krejci A, Tucek S: Changes of cooperativity between N-methylscopolamine and allosteric modulator alcuronium and gallamine induced by mutations of external loops of muscarinic M3 receptors. Mol. Pharmacol. 60 : 761-767, 2001.